Working for it.

Date = 14/12/2017
Day 24 (Expedition), Day 30 (Antarctica)
Location = Scott Glacier, Promised Land
Coordinates  – 86 13.236, 149 52.037
Altitude =  1343m
Temperature =  -15C
Wind speed / direction = 20-25 knot, South,  sunny
Windchill = -27C
Distance travelled = 12km
Distance remaining = 1412km

A 25 knot head wind greeted us at 6am this morning but the temperature a balmy -15C giving us the chance test our cold and wind management systems in a less critical scenario.

We just put in a solid 8 hour effort through pretty awful terrain; crevasses, pressure ridges, uphill, steep steps into wind. Although sunny, it was fairly brutal. Skiing roped together with the huge pulks in such terrain is, trying, to say the least!

We are a bit disappointed to learn from the GPS that we have only covered 12km in straight line from our last camp. But we must’ve done at least 18km with all the weaving around. Good news is the terrain ahead looks better, at least for a while.

Families back home are starting to gear up for Christmas. It makes me well up thinking about mine in the wintery Lake District. Best not to think about it too much – It’s sad to be away from little kids at Christmas, but it is awesome to be here in this incredible mountain range so few have visited. There is a limited window in the year and limited opportunity in life to make things like this happen. We are here, and this is happening. We must focus on making this the trip of lifetime, come home safely and as successful as we can. There are lots of things in our favour; plenty of food and fuel, we’re having a laugh despite hardships and exhaustion, It’s warm in the tent.  In fact it is like a summer holiday when compared to our arrival on the plateau!

Think of some of the other expeditions out here, man or woman-hauling for 60+ days. We only have to do this for a week or two. Then we’re sailing with the kites. At least that is the plan; all of which has so far been very far from reality.

One thing is for certain, these pulks are not going to move themselves and we will never get home if we don’t keep putting one foot in front of the other!


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