Standing by

Date = 29/12/2017
Day 39 (Expedition) Day 45 (Antarctica)
Location = No man’s land
Coordinates  – S86 51.931’, W93 19.887’
Altitude = 2249m
Temperature =  -24C
Wind speed / direction = 3-8 knot E, White out
Windchill = – 25C
Distance travelled = 0km
Distance remaining = 848km

[Spectre Admin] – No photo today, but I managed to find this one, sent a couple of days ago, of Leo and Jean having a really good laugh!

We are once again shut down by wind and cloud. Glad of the rest today. Looks similar for tomorrow and then, dare I say it, our blessed SE wind and sun may return and stay around for a while. Perhaps our ride all the way home?

When its whiteout the solar power set up works at about 10% efficiency, so power is much more limited. However Mark has developed a good system for charging and backing up all our camera data and we were able to review a little bit of footage today.

As usual we have been unable to film most of the highest drama moments, and there is so much more I wish we could’ve captured BUT… amongst all the challenges, we have shot some absolute gold. With some well-crafted film making skills applied, I’m confident we have so far captured just enough to be able to share some of this madness on the big screen. I dare say you’ll never have seen anything like it?

This is good, because filming out here has been so darn difficult. The cold hammering batteries, operating everything in gloves, viewing through dark lenses, constantly on the move at a high pace, shooting anything at all has been desperate.

We’ll make sure we pick up some more nuggets on this long final leg and when we get home, I’ll have it sculpted into something beautiful. These two characters I’m out here with are also both solid gold. So far we have certainly been hitting our goals of being safe, having a laugh and having an adventure!


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