Racking up and shovel cheesecake!

Date = 6/12/2017
Day 16 (Expedition) – Day 22 (Antarctica)
Location = Spectre Base Camp
Coordinates  – 86 03.376’S, 150 25.400’W
Altitude =  1263m
Temperature =  -10C
Wind speed / direction = 0 – 10knots
Windchill = -10C
Distance travelled = 0km
Distance remaining = 1736km

Message from Mark at the Spectre base camp

The team are still in their spectacular base camp; preparing for the next part of the adventure.  Despite the intermittent charging problems with the Iridium Go internet device they have managed to send a couple of photos through from yesterday.

Racking up from the pulk. We are well equipped, feasted and rested. Praying for no wind and sun soon…


It is always good to partner with accomplished chefs! Mark’s rest day fresh chicken & asparagus satay followed by shovel cheese cake! Very original and delicious!


[Spectre Admin]

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