Last Corner

Date = 6/1/2018
Day 46 (Expedition) Day 53 (Antarctica)
Location = Horse Shoe valley
Coordinates  – S80 16.485’, W81 14.171’
Altitude = 800m
Temperature =  -12C
Wind speed / direction = 15-25 knot S
Windchill = – 20C
Distance travelled = 160km
Distance remaining = 90km

The team turning the corner into Horse Shoe Valley

What a day! This morning we did a solid 5 hours session with no break, covering 135km massively overpowered on our Hyperlink 12m kites (with 37.5m lines a modification which completely changed the wing)

100km of that was more of the silky smooth, ultra-perfection surface, we have come to know and love. It just couldn’t be better. Today’s top speed was 45.7km and that was without trying to go fast; in fact for most of the day we were trying to go as slowly as possible!


(Footage from the training mission in Greenland)

We had to abort in 25+knot winds, just as we reached the three sail peaks, the entrance to the horse shoe valley and the true home straight of our expedition.

We set up the tent and then a couple of hours later grabbed another 25kms, taking us further into the valley.

Tomorrow, surrounded by stunning mountains, we will try and shoot some more imagery, and then we are out of here!!


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