Jean – “Tech Punter”

Third day at our drop off point, tent bound.  Feeling good actually. Conditions aren’t good for travelling, so we don’t feel guilty to stay in the tent.  Inside, despite the frost, we are as comfortable as possible and seeing right now Mark smiling, eating chocolate in his sleeping bag with some music on I can’t think we are in a bad situation. We have tons of good books in our kindles so we can fly away in space and time which I’m currently doing reading a biography of Magellan.  Also I have to admit to have the best night sleeps for years.

We have chosen to be here and happy of the situation. Storm is outside, not in the head, Spirits up!

Let’s travel quietly in our red space ship until the wind turns and sky’s clear. Have a nice day everyone.

[Jean] – AKA the tech punter.

[Spectre Admin: Jean is a rare breed of person that can easily dismantle and repair a mobile phone, but also struggle with answering a call on it…!  hence: “tech punter”]

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