Jean – Excited and Terrified..

Union Glacier, 4th day. ‘Warm’ temps today, but lot of wind.  Feeling way better than the first day!

Chilly today! 20 knot wind gusting to 40. Goggle’s and face mask on. This is the look we’ll be running for the next couple of months!

Getting used to the cold, also the mischievous boys I am with.

Our departure is due for tomorrow in the morning, if the weather allows it for sure.  I’m excited as I am terrified by the journey to come, we enjoy our last meals in the very comfortable ALE camp.  Staff here are amazing. From all nationalities they come for a few months to make possible any kind of tourism down here.  Passionate, competent, smiley and available almost any time for a question, a broken buckle or a map briefing they are extremely helpful in finalising our prep. Many thanks to you guys, you rock!

Union Glacier camp dining tent

Also we have been briefed about the extremely serious character of any operation in Antarctica (whether drop-off or rescue).  We carry large responsibilities to A.L.E. and the Antarctica, ensuring we do things safely, take care of environment correctly and make sure our conduct makes a good pattern for expeditioners who could come after us.

Well rested and fed, our gear in good shape and routes loaded in the 4 GPS’, what could possibly be wrong?  Are we ready? Hehe, we’ll know soon!