Graves Nunatuks

Date = 28/11/2017
Day 9 (Expedition) Day  14 (Antarctica
Location = Graves Nunatuks
Coordinates  – 86 43.009’, 141 25.328’
Altitude =   2162m
Temperature =  -28C
Wind speed / direction = 15 – 25 knt
Windchill = -38C
Distance travelled = 42.5km
Distance remaining = 1831 km

Another hard day!

Ice fall descent

“Snow kiting ere is so ‘ard!”, said Jean when we finally found a good spot to make camp. This will have to brief because I’m very tired, but in nutshell.

Graves Nanatuks

The morning went fairly smoothly on a tricky downwind tack. Then we hit blue ice, through pressure ridges and down a significant descent. Wind compression on the steep descent with a heavy pulk on the blue ice is best described as pretty spicy! We certainly won’t be going back that way.

We made it through after putting the kites down and found a nice camp spot on the snow right below the Graves Nunatuks. Psyched to be with such a string crew.

Our depot from yesterday

We are officially off the polar plateau and are entering the trans Antarctic mountain range! Next section looks good as we begin our descent down the Robison Glacier and on to the Scott Glacier Spectacular terrain.

We are less than 100km from the Spectre.



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