Get back to your day Job….

[Spectre Admin]

One of the phrases we use when communicating with the team is “get back to your day job”.  A steady stream of queries, requests, blog posts and feedback between the team and admin support, back here in the UK, makes us wonder sometimes where they find the time to actually do the expedition!

It is a balance between living the story and having time to tell the story.  Leo, Jean and Mark are so passionate about their adventure, that they are willing, after a difficult challenging day, to sit down and write at length and sort through photographs to share what they have just experienced.  They love reading the comments that are left on this blog (and Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) – and even promise one day soon, to send some answers out to some of the questions..

But now they are in the mountains, and are starting to explore the steeper ground. It is not always so easy for them to sit down comfortably in a sleeping bag and tap out a daily blog or upload the photos on the [failing] internet modem.  So the message was sent, to “get back to your day job”. We are not sure they will be able to resist the temptation of tapping out a blog post for much longer, but we’re sure in the next day or so the stunning photographs and gripping words will be back.  Watch this space!

In the meantime, for those needing a daily “fix”, here are the team in Norway this spring “geeking” with the MtnHaus team from Berghaus- doing their day job!


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