Final Irony

Date = 7/1/2018
Day 47 (Expedition) Day 54 (Antarctica)
Location = Horse Shoe valley
Coordinates  – S80 16.485’, W81 14.171’
Altitude = 800m
Temperature =  -15C
Wind speed / direction = 0-5 S. white out
Windchill = – 18C
Distance travelled = 0km
Distance remaining = 90km

Whiteout. After an hour of sun and light wind as we had breakfast, a wall of white approached from the coast and our magnificent scene vanished.

We managed to charge enough camera batteries overnight to be ready to shoot an amazing polar kite sequence. We have a plan and are all set to execute and ride home to glory.

But we can’t see anything. At all, like not even the ground. And there is no wind!

Looks like she’s not finished with us yet! 90km to go, and we are not going anywhere. The forecast is for a couple of days of this.

It has lifted a little and we probably could travel at least some of the way. But we have to go over a mountain col and down the crevassed Henderson glacier to reach Union and for that we will need good visibility.

And we’re super keen to try to capture some of the high speed kite magic on film properly, to be able to share with you all what it’s like to be here doing this. It’s awesome, it feels awesome, and we want to make it look as awesome as it is, to give you a feel for it.

There is no need to sprint blindly for the finish. A few more days out here, away from the other 7.6 billion humans gives us some time to rest, relax and recover before re-entry into reality.


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