Day Off

Date = 29/11/2017
Day 10 (Expedition) Day  15 (Antarctica
Location = Graves Nunatuks
Coordinates  – 86 43.009’, 141 25.328’
Altitude =   2162m
Temperature =  -28C
Wind speed / direction = 15 – 25 knt
Windchill = -38C
Distance travelled = 0km
Distance remaining = 1831 km


From Spectre Admin

Leo, Jean and Mark have been working really hard over the last couple of weeks to provide some great blogs and amazing photos detailing their experiences.  Given the cold and windy conditions they have been operating in, together with: a snail-paced satellite modem, frozen laptop and flat batteries – I have decided to give them a day off from writing the blog 🙂  For info; they have not moved today due to poor weather conditions.

But as a bonus here is a link to the Berghaus blog, where James Hodgson, the MtnHaus Senior Innovation Designer, gives an insight into the product testing of the clothing that the team have taken with them to Antarctica. Leo and Jean met up with the MtnHaus team in Norway earlier this year…..

MtnHaus Product Testing Mission

[Spectre Admin]

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